Yes definitely! We have a fully capable team of trained willing individuals who are on call to help with any enquiries or questions you may have regarding our products.


Yes, we are available to complete surveys on projects if needed. Many of our customers measure the area required themselves, but if required we are available to complete a full detailed site survey with recommendations.

We have a fully trained and experienced installation team here at SureGRP that has installed anti-slip surfaces nationwide. For more information on our installation service click here.



We are bespoke manufacturers so we offer a made to measure service. We can manufacture products anywhere up to 3000mm x 3000m and thicknesses of up to 12mm.

Of course we can, one of the key benefits with being a bespoke manufacturer here in the UK is that we can help anyone with very specific projects. We have put logos, arrows, diagrams and more on our anti-slip flooring. The best thing to do is to call us on (number here) and speak to one of our team to discuss your project further.

Cost Effective 

Competitive prices combined with its long life expectancy make it an economical alternative to traditional building materials.

Corrosion Resistant

GRP is corrosion and weather resistant which makes it a perfect component for industrial and external use. It is a popular alternative over traditional building materials including metal, wood, or plastic. Where exposure to harsh environments is a concern, GRP can aid resistance to UV light, extreme temperatures, salt air, and a variety of chemicals. As GRP is chemically inert and corrosion-resistant it is often a cheaper alternative to stainless steel.

Easy to Maintain

GRP Products are extremely easy to keep clean and require little or no maintenance.


Its longevity and long life expectancy is superior compared to traditional building materials particularly in highly corrosive environments. Once materials are applied correctly, GRP structures will enjoy a long life span.

Lightweight & Durable

GRP is traditionally a lightweight but very strong durable material which appeals to a variety of industries and types of users. Again, GRP will provide lots of advantages for a wide range of products thanks to its light weight and low-maintenance requirements.


GRP stands for 'Glass Reinforced Plastic' a composite material commonly known as fibreglass. GRP is constructed from woven glass fibres and thermosetting polyester resin to form a hard-wearing GRP laminate which is strong and lightweight. 

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