Making My Spiral Stairs Non-Slip 

Finding a non-slip solution for external spiral stairs can prove quite challenging due to the unique dimensions required for each step. Spiral stairs are usually located externally and are commonly used as fire escapes. Fire escapes are designed to ensure the public can exit the building safely, therefore underfoot grip is essential for these areas. 

SureGRP offers bespoke anti-slip stair treads for spiral stairs which are installed with ease using an epoxy adhesive or mechanical fixings. 

How Do I Order My Non-Slip Spiral Stair Treads?

  • Step 1:

We will need a template of the spiral stair tread you require a non-slip surface for. This can be done by yourself and posted to us, or we offer an on-site template survey from one of our experienced installation managers who can take a template and answer any questions you may have.

  • Step 2: 

Once the template has been received, we will provide a quotation for you. Once approved, we will place your non-slip spiral stair treads into production. 

  • Step 3:

When production is complete, we can then send the products with the required fixings and adhesive to you to install. Alternatively, our installation team can be scheduled to install the spiral stair treads.

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