How To Make An Outdoor Staircase Non Slip? 

Public staircases encounter a high level of foot traffic throughout their years of service. As a result, underfoot grip can become worn and damaged, which can lead to potential slipping hazards. We realise that public safety is of high priority and SureGRP offers a long-term anti-slip solution for staircases to solve this problem. 

The best way to make your outdoor, external, or industrial stairs less slippery is to add traction by installing non-slip stair tread covers. This will provide a superior underfoot grip to each stair, add traction, and significantly reduce the risk of slipping.

We offer made-to-measure anti-slip stair treads manufactured here in the UK, which can be installed over existing steps using adhesive and mechanical fixings with ease. This will provide a long-term anti-slip solution that complies with British Standards and the Equality Act 2010. 

This can be manufactured in a range of colours, thickness,es and sizes with a specialised grit to fit the required purpose. 

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